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How to decorate using a grey colour scheme

Grey is rapidly over taking the colour taupe as the new neutral must have colour scheme.

Don't be mistaken for thinking that grey is a masculine, cool colour. Of course it can be used in a highly contemporary interior design scheme that has an "industrial" feel to it and it can be used as a cool colour. However, it is extremely veratile. There really are 50 shades of grey!

Many greys have background tints so subtle but which either lean towards the cooler (blue) colours or warmer (red) colours. It can also have a green tint which still looks grey but which softens the look. Try "Pebble Shore" by Dulux for a light grey with a warmer tone.

Grey pairs extremely well with white but also cream. It also looks good with variations of itself contrasting light and dark greys.

 beautiful-wall-art-with-gray-bedroom-color-schemes.jpg  bedroom-decoration-modish-white-upholstery-master-bed-on-gray-fur-rug-as-well-as-white-dresser-also-gray-floors-in-simplistic-inspiring-grey-bedroom-ideas-27-enthralling-grey-bedroom-ideas-contempor.jpg

It can make for a stunning feature wall or background colour and because it is still a neutral tone can be used with almost any accent colour. Bright accents colours such as mustard yellow, hot pinks and lime greens work particularly well. They can also soften a room if you feel it is too contemporary for your tastes.

aaaac72klekaaaaaaajzkq.png  014.jpg

In a more tradtional room or again to soften the look think of using tactile fabrics such as chennile or velvets. Perhaps also look at using a textured or patterned wallpaper too.

7-greigedesign.jpg modern-fashion-dark-vertical-striped-non-woven-wallpaper-roll-sale-black-gray-background-for-living-room.jpg


Metallic accesories, chrome and glass also work extremely well when paired with greys. As does the colour black such as in the example below with a black coffee table and console table and black picture frames:

 28365-ex1.jpg  contemporary-colour-schemes.jpg

Grey does not always have to be the main colour. Use it on skirtings, cornices or kitchen cupboard doors to add an exiting contrast.

 img47.jpg  2-1377697195-grey-kitchen-tiled-floor-pendant-lights-square.jpg


Grey also works well as a feature wall colour or in a hallway.

   hallwaysinteriourgallery7-v-14feb12-pr-b.jpg  brown-and-grey-wouldnt-have-sprung-to-mind-as-a-colour-combination-until-now.-dark-wood-floors-soft-grey-walls-and-the-contrasting-brown-rugs-and-stair-runner-are-a-sophisticated-combination..jpg


Its versatility also means it works well in both a contemporary or traditional design scheme and perhaps at its best when looking to create a traditional room with a contemporary twist.

 victorian-2-house.jpg  white-and-grey-kitchen1.jpg

Happy designing and thanks for reading.

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