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How to decorate or "trim"your Christmas tree.
If your Christmas tree is real, before you bring inside give it a good soak in a bucket of water.
Before you put in in its stand cut off any branches at the bottom to make sure you have enough trunk to secure the tree properly (don't throw them away as I'll be posting on how to use them to decorate your fireplace).Then put in its stand and bring inside.
Once you have positioned the tree give it another water and get your decorations ready.
Sort your decorations, whatever they may be baubles, stars, bows, by colour in to piles. A tip is to put everything away by colour it makes a lots easier for the following year!
Then put your lights on the tree. To see if they are evenly distributed stand back and look at the tree through half closed eyes. Move the lights around until you are happy.
Next choose your colour scheme - gold and silver / red and gold / blue and silver / purples/ red, green and silver. Any baubles that don't fit your colour scheme will not be wasted and they look stunning mixed together in a vase.
Then if you are using beads or tinsel wrap as a spiral around the tree, stand back and adjust until you are happy.
Start with one colour and use the same method as with the lights to stand back and check they are evenly distributed.
Then move on to your secondary colour. Then your third.

The step back and admire your handiwork!

Here are some fabulous pictures to inspire you...

016.jpg 021.jpg