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How to create your dream bedroom

Even with master bedrooms space is an issue so make every square foot counts.

The most important decision is where to place the bed. In no other room in the house does one item dominate in such a way. It also can leave very little space in which to place other pieces of furniture.

If you can, place the bed in the centre of one wall ensuring the door can open fully. You also need space (where possible) to have at least one bedside table, preferably two, as these are important as functional pieces of furniture as well as surfaces in which to add colour coordinated accessories.

Next for the other pieces of furniture. The wardrobe is also a large item but unless you have a lot of space or a walk in wardrobe think of what size you need and can some clothing be stored elsewhere such as out-of-season clothes in a spare room or cupboard. Again make sure you have enough space to open the doors fully, sliding doors are not only stylish but a great space-saving idea.

The other 2 main pieces of bedroom furniture are the chest of drawers and dressing table. Think whether you really need them. Personally I would prefer to spend my budget on fabulous accessories and bed linen and use the wardrobe to incorporate shelves and use my bathroom mirror ( a room where the lighting is far better ) instead of having a dressing table. If I was working with a large room and had space to fill I would choose instead an armchair, chaise or footstool to add more of a designer feel.

Leave your computor and/or workstation to be part of another room. The bedroom should be all about relaxation and tranquility.

Here are some basic layout ideas:

bedroom-with-panels.png  photo-2-.jpg photo-3-.jpg  traditional-bedroom.jpg

Next on to decor and lighting. Although a light and airy bedroom can be lovely it is not necessary as it is an evening room and a dimly lit room is usually the effect designers try to achieve. Colours that work well are muted tones in taupes, greys, browns and accent colours in metallics, dark purples or blues.

Lighting is best kept to low level with the use of lamps and built in LEDs. A central chandelier can be both a feature and offer task lighting for when needed.

A feature also wall looks very effective in a bedroom and the latest trend is for padded walls and headboards or even both! :

  feature-wallpaper-in-bedroom.jpg padded-silver-headboard.jpg

  padded-headboard.jpg  panelled-headboard.jpg


Lastly don't forget your accessories. This is what sets your bedroom aside from norm. Add a console table with lamps, flowers and keep your bedside tables clear of clutter. A throw adds a bit of luxury and pillows and cushions in a variety of styles, colours and texture help to make the bed a fabulous focal point.

photo-4-.jpg photo-5-.jpg

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