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How to decorate using a white colour scheme

Many things spring to mind when choosing a white colour scheme - cool, crisp, clean.

However, many may think of it another way: safe, boring, hard to keep clean.

Never underestimate the power of a white colour scheme. It can be create a feeling of glitz and glamour as well as freshness and light.

The colour white in itself in design terms does not always mean the purest of whites. Take a look at the colour charton the left below to show how much this colour can vary. This colour chart and also the one on the right-hand-side also demonstrate very well complimentary colours which we will discuss in detail later.

107.png    108.png

As you can see there are a number of off-white colours and almost all paint suppliers offer various shades of white ranging from a blue/green tinge to a pinkier hue and also a warmer almost cream colour.

As you would expect those whites with a touch of blue or green are cooler by nature. These shades of white provide a crisp, fresh and also modern feel to a room. They work well in kitchens and bedrooms. However, consider adding a few accent colours to stop the room looking too clinical. They could be very subtle as in the first picture, or a bit more dramatic as in the second. As in the next couple of picture you will see that you only need a couple of items such as a pillow or vase to soften and all-white colour scheme.(See the article on Accent Colours for tips and ideas on using different colours.) 

 100.jpg blue-accent-colours-in-kitchen.jpg 099.jpg

                 white-chesterfield-living-room.jpg neutral-with-yellow.png 


Having a single contrasting object such as the wooden island in the kitchen below can create a dramatic effect. Perhaps a single chair or painted alcoves add enough interest so as to leave the overall white colour scheme intact yet prevent it from being monotonous.

  office-shelving.jpg    grey-painted-inside-of-bookcase.jpg 


If you are designing a colder aspect or dark room a white colour scheme will lift it but those whites with a red, pink or orange undertone will stop it from being too stark and cold. Mix taupes and white as another option to adding warmth to a white colour scheme.

Another way to decorate using all-white is to think in terms of texture. Different materials on bed linens, throws, cushions, lamps all in different textures from linens to suede to cotton to silk will all add interest and give your room that designer feel. Don't be scared to mix and match as the picture below demonstrate there are no hard and fast rules, go for comfort if that is your priority or practicality in high gloss - think about the functionality of the room ( practicality for a kitchen, comfort for a bedroom or living room) and use that as your guide.


102.jpg  098.jpg

                      103.jpg  104.jpg

106.jpg  101.jpg


Finally don't forget to accessories - a glass object here or a reflective surface there will also add interest and diversity to a predominantly white room.

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