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How to declutter your home

The 4 box method is very successful as it forces decision making!

Take 4 boxes or containers that are about 40cm square in size too large and its too overwhlemong, too small and you won't sort quickly enough.

Label as follows: "Put Away", "Give away / Sell", "Store" and "Rubbish"

Clear rooms in sections if you have a lot to sort so that you feel that you are clearing surfaces as you go and you can see your progress. Always factor in enough time to empty the boxes otherwise you are not really solving your clutter issue.

This method works best if you want to clear areas that you use all the time such as a kitchen, living area, utility room.


The other method is simpler and involves 2 boxes ; "Box" or "Bin".

As with the above methods clear as you go but the choices here are more ruthless. This works best when moving house, clearing a garage or a spare room or are short on time.


Paper work - this needs to always be put in the same place, a in-tray or a draw in the kitchen. Even if you don't deal with it straight away you will never lose a receipt again.


Filing - try if you can to keep on top of this so that you can close that drawer in the kitchen! The easiest way is to have labelled folders for everything so you can file quickly or find things easily such as when that insurance renewal comes up.

Medicine cabinets - try to sort out every 6 months you'll probably end up throwing quite a few bottles away.


Most importantly don't try and do everything in a day as it won't happen you'll get feel like your room looks worse not better. If you clear section by section or room by room if it's not too bad you'll physically see the progress you are making. 

If you can allocate half an hour a day or even an hour or two at the weekend you will be surprised how quickly you can reclaim surfaces or get that spare room back.

One final tip - don't get distracted! Allocate the time you can spare and if the phone goes ring them back after, don't check your texts or emails. Sometimes even by setting a timer it can make you more focused.

As William Morris the great 19th Century designer once said "Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."


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Thanks for reading and happy decluttering!