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A guide to colour schemes - focus on RED

The colour red is very powerful. It can evoke lots of feelings and also tells you a lot about a person.

Red is often used as an accent colour because it is so powerful, however, there are various shades of this wonderful colour that make it so versatile to use.

Lets look first at the colour spectrum in relationship to the colour red.


It goes as you will see from having an orange hue (which lends itself to being warm but also works well in rooms with a sunny aspect such as a conservatory) through to crimsons which suit more traditional rooms with high ceilings and partners well with opulant fabrics on sofas and curtains. In the middle is the "lipstick"red perfect for accessorising and changing a neutral room in to something more dramatic.

outstanding-paneled-red-painted-bathroom.pngfloral-wall-decal-and-grey-arm-sofa-with-decorative-cushions-plus-white-chairs-beside-red-curtain.jpg red-velvet-chesterfield.jpg

Although the effect you create can be increased or toned down simply by the ammount you use this colour don't be afraid of using it! It could be a subtle tone such as a red incorporated in to a painting teamed with just a few accessories :  a lamp shade, cushions or flowers arranged on a table.


red-accent-colours-matching-paintings-to-accessories.png            living-room-furniture-with-flowers-and-red-cushions.jpg


Red is a warm and sensual colour - perfect for a bedroom or cosy living room. It also works as a stunning background colour for a dining room. The key here is the use of subdued lighting.

  christmas-bedroom.jpg           red-paint-color-in-dining-room.jpg

I personally prefer paint to incorporating reds in to wallpaper patterns only because there are so many wonderful shades to choose I just want to let the colour speak for itself.

Where you want to use red as a feature wall colour, as one of your main colours or as an accent colour it is so versatile. 


 elegant-romantic-living-room-interior-design-with-red-accentuated-furniture-color.jpg         interior-design-apartment-sofa-chairs-cushion-red-rug-table-picture-frame-vase-flower.jpg


Go on - give it a try!

At Kizme we offer a great variety of items if wanting to accessorise a room with the colour red and also offer a bespoke upholstery service.