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Create a perfect outdoor living space to enjoy the warmer weather

When the weather is good there is nothing better than being able to enjoy your garden or patio or roof terrace.

Creating a relaxing and stylish outdoor area will give you a place to enjoy the summer months and even can be viewed as adding another room to your home.

When designing your patio area there are a few things to bear in mind:

First take a look at the space you have to work with taking in to consideration the size, which direction it faces (ie early or eveing sun) and the best view. It is a good idea to divide your patio area in to sections: dining, sitting, and if space reclining.

Place your seating to maximise the sun (you can always erect a canopy or use a free-standing parasol to create shade if necessary). The dining area should be closest to the house and the doors for the ease of taking food in and out and also the building wall will create a natural shade at certain times of day. Following on from this the dining area needs less sun as it is often uncomfortable to eat in direct sunshine and in the heat plus your salad can wilt within moments of being on the table. 

 -special-offer-cadix-elegrande-traditional-terrazzo-small-square-table-black-stool-set-3865-p.jpg       cadix-chairs.jpg

Next think of what you will be wanting to use your outdoor space for: morning coffee, daytime barbeque, evening entertaining. Perhaps all three!

cadix-tub-chairs.jpg       cadix2012-6-461x306-2-.jpg

Thirdly decide on a look. You can mix contemporary planters with more traditional furniture and vice versa but decide on a theme. For example to create a more contemporary look keep with clean lines, all-weather wicker furniture and simple yet stylish accessories such as oil burners. Perhaps follow a colour scheme through from the room inside to outside allowing your space to flow seamlessly from inside to outside. The best and easiest way to do this is to use scatter cushions and and similiar colour planting schemes in pots and planters.

contemporary-outdoor-fireplace.jpg        coulourful-outdoor-cushions.jpg   green-outdoor-scatter-cushions.jpg

Each area can be quite compact especially the seated area, this makes for easy conversation plus natural body heat is less easily able to escape. Modular funiture is perfect for it's flexibility in allowing for so many variations and combinations. If you prefer sofas think of placing them opposite each other as you would in an indoor living room. You can also replace a coffee table at night with a fire pit for extra warmth. Don't forget your lighting either, a simple set of rope lights can create a wonderful atmostphere and a feeling of warmth after dark.

pink-outdoor-scatter-cushions.jpg     outdoor-table-lighting.jpg      contemporary-outdoor-fire-brazier.jpg


Lastly don't forget your accessories. During the day a simple white linen tablecloth can transform your outdoor entertaining experience. Dress your table with freshly cut flowers and citronella candles to keep the bugs at bay! For the evening nothing is more effective than hurricane lanterns plus you can use them in winter too as they look fabulous either side of a fireplace. On a coffee table or dining table oil burners are also very stylish as are hurricane lamps.

outdoor-white-linen-table.jpg     cadix-burners.jpg   chrome-hurricane-lanterns-2-.jpg

Enjoy the sunshine and long may it last!

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